Thursday, April 19, 2012

Days 66-68: Kerikeri to Cooper's Beach to Pukenui to Cape Reinga!

Monday was "back to work!"  Fun was over and we had to keep focused on what we had to do ;)  We didn't actually leave town until after noon because we went to some newspapers and met with Owen, who is our contact for the Northern Crossing Race that we'll be participating in...Did I blog about that?? Ok, just sort of mentioned a race on Saturday...Well ya!  That's it!  So by the time we made it back and started out on the road, we were a bit behind schedule. 

We made it to Cooper's Beach just before sunset, and we noticed along the way how people were starting to get more and more friendly as we got further and further north!  We had 2 offers for a place to stay on that day, but we turned them down as we were put up by the Taipa Beach Resort for the night!  We were lucky enough to stay in the Suite at the resort, where we were on the beachfront with everything that would be in an apartment, including our own private spa and a king size bed!  THANK YOU SO MUCH to the TAIPA BEACH RESORT for your kindness and generosity, and for letting us recharge our batteries before the end of our trip!

Tuesday we got an earlier start and arrived at our next destination in Pukenui quite early!  So we had time to enjoy the sun.  We were put up once again by a wonderful place called the Deep Water Lodge.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  It was a perfect place to relax and unwind.  We read our books, then went into town, had some dinner, met a friendly man named Michael who invited us to breakfast the next morning, and then headed back home and went to bed early.  It may have been our excitement for the last day, or the amazing sleep we had the night before, but Sheree and I couldn't get to sleep at all that night, so we spent hours chatting and giggling, and divulging lots of stories and secrets to each other, in a game called "Never have I ever..."

At Michael's for Breakfast
Wednesday was the day!  The day we were to make it up to Cape Reinga and call this trip completed!  But first, we decided to keep our promise to Michael and join him for breakfast.  He may have regretted inviting us over, as he eventually found out what crazy girls we are :)  He made us some of his famous dip to take with us for our lunch, but we forgot about it, so he came to drop it off to us at the Deep Water Lodge, and he was in for quite a surprise...

For our last stretch, we decided to dress up!  It's not every day that 2 girls get to complete a trip across a country on a why not get a little bit dressed up for the occasion??  We had found some hula skirts and lei's at the $2 shop in Kerikeri, so naturally we just made some coconut bras to go with it and complete the outfit!  When Michael arrived to bring us our dip, he was a bit shocked to see what we were wearing!  We were lucky enough to leave our bags at the Lodge, so we didn't have to worry about carrying everything up to the end.  So we just had our little backpacks on the back of the bikes and we headed off towards the Cape!  There were quite a few shocked looks and anyone who was not in a car asked us what we were doing... Sheree had stopped and arranged with a Postie to give us a ride back, and when we got to Cape Reinga, he was there waiting for us, and had spread the word a bit, because were greeted there with a round of applause!  The actual ride there was one of the most challenging ones!  Maybe because we wanted to just get there and be finished, but it seemed like it was hill after hill, and they kept getting bigger and steeper!  We were dead tired by the end, and we were amazed that we could still be this tired after biking 2600 kms.  Shouldn't we be in shape by now?!  But nothing mattered when we got to the end.  We were so happy to be finished, and the sight was amazing!  It was a gorgeous sunny day, with the water sparkling from the sun behind it and the lighthouse as the symbol that we were imagining as we dreamt about getting to the end... We walked our bikes down the long walkway as we took in the beautiful scenery and chatted with all the people along the way, as the wondered where we had come from and why we were wearing hula costumes :)  Lots of people even wanted to take our pictures!  So we sat and ate our lunch (Thanks for the dip Michael!) and took some photos and chatted with some people, and they even gave a donation!  And eventually we headed back up the hill, and our postie gave us a ride back to Cooper's Beach...

We were able to relax and feel a great sense of accomplishment as we stayed at the incredible SANCTUARY IN THE COVE for 2 nights of absoute paradise!  Bruce not only put us up in his amazing luxurious cabin, but also made us feel so proud, by treating us like queens and constantly told us how great of of thing it was that we had done!  He even took us around town and introduced us as the famous girls who cycled the country for charity!  He just made us feel so good, and it was the best way we could have ever imagined the end of our trip could be!  Thank you so much to Bruce! 

So this is it... My last blog entry for this trip.  It has been an amazing ride.  With lots of ups and downs, both literally and figuratively :) We've both learned so much about ourselves, about each other, the country of New Zealand, cycling, fundraising, people... It has been such a great experience in so many ways.  The one thing we know for sure, is that this trip never could have happened without the help and support of the countless wonderful people that we came across during this trip.  Thank you so much to each and every one of you who supported us along this trip.  From the Couch Surfers and accommodations who hosted us, to the friends and family who sponsored us with donations, to the strangers who stopped on the side of the road when we were in trouble, to all of you who gave us an encouraging word, to the businesses who gave us what they could to help, and even to those of you on the road who tooted their horns to push us to keep pedaling... We appreciate all of you so much, and we really couldn't have done it without you!  I know that this world is filled with both goodness and badness, but after this trip, I am confident that the goodness if far more prevalent than the bad!  I am so proud to have met such wonderful people along the way.  You will always be remembered :)


  1. Congratulations !


  2. Wow! That last entry was without a doubt exciting!
    it was mmy pleasure to keep track of your progress, i enjoyed every bit of paragraph, and so happy you made it safe and smiling!

    your'e an inspiration! miss you!

  3. Congratulations guys.
    It was a real treat to receive your card saying you had made it. You should write a book of your adventure - who knows they may even make a movie of it :)
    Looking at your photos I also think you should hit ENZA up for all the marketing you did for them in those vests!
    All the best for your future and I hope our paths cross again some day.

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