Thursday, April 5, 2012

Days 52-55: Rotorua to Matamata, Matamata to Morrinsville

Hot Pools in Rotorua
In Rotorua, we tried to see if we could put together an on the day fundraiser, but it just didn't work out.  But Louise, our host, gave us a great option.  She had one of my Thai massages, and then donated the money to the charity!  It was simple and gave us the day to enjoy Rotorua!  We walked around town, saw some hot pools, then went home, and got a bit of a taste of farm life, as we collected pine cones for fuel for the fire, and then enjoyed a nice hot coffee with the family.

Matamata, AKA Hobbiton!
That night, looking at the weather forecast and seeing 3 days of constant rain coming up, we decided to change our plan of going to Tauranga, since it's not much fun to go to the beach in the rain.  We decided to go home...well, to Sheree's home at least!  And that way we could do a couple sausage sizzles in the small towns, and not have to worry about the policies of the big towns.  So we rode to Sheree's Dad's house from Rotorua on Tuesday.  Wednesday we did a sausage sizzle in Matamata, and Thursday we did another one in Morrinsville.  It was nice and easy, and we made about $360 at the two of them. 

Out in Hamilton!
Apart from doing sausage sizzles, this has mostly been a time of just relaxing, recharging our batteries, and having family time!  Thursday night we got all dressed up (taking advantage of the access to a wardrobe!) and went out on the town in Hamilton with Sheree's brother and sister, and her friend.  We danced the night away, and just enjoyed doing something different for a change!


  1. Happy Easter...
    It must be great to be home for you.I'm glad you haven't given up and admire your courage....
    Would you like to meet with my brother Adrian when you are in Auckland ?

    From Jeremy.

  2. I couldnt recognize you - cute isnt right word :-)
    happy Easter



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