Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Days 56-58: Morrinsville to Bombay, Bombay to Waiheke

Riding with Mom from Morrinsville
After 2 straight days of fundraising in Matamata and Morrinsville, we took Friday to relax and enjoy some home time.  We thought about going to the beach, but by the time we had any motivation to do anything, it was well past noon.  So we just relaxed, had some internet time, did some cleaning up and rearranging of or stuff, downsizing even more so that our bags were absolutely as light as possible, and we had a lovely dinner out with Sheree's mom and bro.

We made it to 2000kms!
Saturday it was time to get back on the road.  Sheree's mom decided to join us for the first leg of the trip!  It was fun having her with us, and really cute to see mother and daughter riding together :)  But eventually she had to turn around and go back home, and it was back to just Sheree and I... It was a pretty flat and easy ride, until we got to the last 5 kilometers or so, and the hills started!  We had been so spoiled with flat and easy rides, that it was a new challenge to get up the hills, even though it was nothing compared to what we had done before.  We finally got to our destination, staying with a Couch Surfer farmer, in the middle of nowhere, but conveniently placed for us to have a place to stop before going to Waiheke.  Simon was a great host, and we enjoyed a nice poker/pizza/movie night with him.  Thanks Simon for a great night!
With Simon!

On Sunday, we didn't have too far to ride, so we took our time.  Sheree decided to go back to her roots and help Simon milk the cows :)  And I decided to go back to mine, and book some plane tickets for some more traveling when this is all done!  When we finished with that, we all came back and attempted to make eggs in a hole (or eggs in a basket?) for breakfast.  We said goodbye to our new friend Simon, and then headed off along the back roads towards the ferry to get to Waiheke Island.

On the Ferry to Waiheke
It was another hilly and windy ride, but we were more mentally prepared for it, so it wasn't that bad.  Well, except for one hill which was probably the steepest that we had had on this whole trip, and we had to walk it for a little bit.  But it wasn't too big, so not so bad.  The ride only took about 3 hours, and we got to the ferry where they had graciously donated us some tickets to get across!  THANK YOU TO SEALINK!!!

Once we got across to Waiheke, we had a few more kilometers and a few more hills to go, but we eventually made it to Sheree's friend Ed's house. And here we'll be taking a bit of a break from riding, as it is so beautiful here, and we might as well have a bit of a vacation, right??  So that evening, we enjoyed the view and the company of Ed and his son Charlie, as we looked forward to spending some more time and getting to know these great guys!

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  1. Hi.... I went to Waiheke yesterday (Tues)with a Couch Surfing friend,I must have just missed you.



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