Saturday, February 18, 2012

Days 7 & 8: Lumsden - Queenstown

On Friday morning, Sheree and I got up early for our longest ride yet...100kms!  We left around 8am, and enjoyed a nice few hours of perfect weather, no wind, and flat roads.  Then it seems like we just turned a corner and someone turned on the wind and cut our speed down in half.  It was then way more challenging, feeling like a dog with it's head out the car window, but having to push against it with our legs... After an hour or two the wind slowed down a bit but the hills started getting bigger and steeper.  We made it in about 7 hours, which was better than the 8 that we had expected to take. So yay us!

With Damien and Benjamin
When we got to Queenstown, we stayed the night with a couple of American guys who are opening up a Holistic Retreat Center here, and they gave us lots of tips about things we can do for our bodies to ease the pain of the bike ride :)  They also had 2 other couch surfers staying with them, so the 6 of us enjoyed a nice dinner (Thanks girls!) and a glass of wine, after a relaxing bath in the most luxurious house I've ever been in!  What did we do to deserve to meet these two?!!  Thanks so much Benjamin and Damien!

In the morning we went to meet our other Couch Surfing hosts, and they took us for a rock climb, which was really fun, but the clip fell out and we almost saw Freddy fall to his death... Thank goodness that Fraser reacted quickly enough and caught him before he hit the ground!  After rock climbing we just relaxed and had dinner with them and their flatmates, where I got to catch up with a fellow Canadian, who worked in the Masonville Mall, which is basically where I did all of my shopping back in London!  Small small world...

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