Friday, February 17, 2012

Days 4-6: The Field Days

The Nut Stand!
Let's back up here for a second... Back on Day 1, that night in Invercargill where we had that great night in the pub, another guy that we met was Al.  Al the nut guy :)  He was in recruiting mode and asked us to come and help him sell some of his nuts at the Field Days.  Since we were planning on resting for a day in Lumsden anyways, we decided to just extend the rest a bit and see what the Field Days were all about, and then we could raise a little money on the side.

Andrea, Ella, Mark, Al, Sheree

Llamas (or Alpacas?)
The Field Days is basically a huge farmer's market, where farmers come from all over the country to buy anything farmerish, like tractors and llamas and chicken feeders...and nuts!  So we said a very sad goodbye to our bikes for a few days ;), and went over with Al to Waimumu.  For 2 days we basically said nothing but nut jokes and also explained to the customers what were were doing for our cycling trip.  We met some really great people.  We caught the attention of the cyclists that passed by, so we learned a lot from them and were really encouraged.  We also managed to raise about $250 there! 

Paula, Roger, Ruby and Sheree
After camping for 2 nights and seeing nuts in our sleep, by Thursday night we were pretty keen to get back on our bikes.  We had a great time with Al and our great camping neighbors.  We shared food, stories and laughs, and were sad to say goodbye, but because it was to rain on Saturday, we figured it was best to get the biking done on Friday.  So Al brought us back to Lumsden, where we were greeted by our wonderful host family, where we had our much needed sleep in a comfortable bed, about to head off the next morning on our longest ride yet...

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