Thursday, February 23, 2012

Days 12-14: Wanaka to Makarora, Makarora to Haast

I'm racing against the clock here because here in Haast, internet is not so easy to come by!  I'll keep this one short and sweet :) 

All of us staying in the house!
Wanaka was so great, staying in a big couch surfing house with about 8 people there while we were there.  It was great going into the bar and half of the people in there were staying in the same house!  We all got along great and had fun chatting and telling stories.  Thanks Gavin, for being a wonderful host!

Riding in the Rain
We left Wanaka in the rain, knowing it would be a while before it stopped, but trying to stay on schedule.  We arrived in Makarora sopping wet and miserable, after riding what would have been a beautiful and stunning ride, with lakes along the side of us the entire way, but we were too wet and cold to really enjoy it.  But we were so happy to be greeted by Michelle at the Makarora information center, where she had a perfect little room for us, and we warmed ourselves with soup and a nice hot meal. 

Awesome waterfall!
The next morning we set out to Haast, over the Haast pass, which we've heard so much about.  When we got to the top, we wondered what was so bad about it, but on the way down, realized that the way we went was much easier than going the opposite way, so lucky for us, we were going north!   The rain stopped today just long enough for us to have our lunch, and then started up again afterwards.  So it was another cold and wet one, but it should be nice tomorrow!  Let's hope the weather report doesn't change!!


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated, very fun to read your reports :)
    Also I like the creepy finger in the bottom photo in this post haha.
    Keep on riding!

  2. Wow, I hope the West Coast is not too wet for you.Keep on smiling.


  3. Hi gals! Great to meet you in Hawea. Have a great time on the trip!

    PS. ping me on if you want the photo I took;)


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