Thursday, March 15, 2012

Days 31 & 32: Nelson to Rai Valley, Rai Valley to Piction, Picton to Wellington

The Ride from Nelson!
Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to Nelson on Monday.  We didn't have very far to go, so we took our time in the morning, and headed off just after lunch.  Ellie, our wonderful Nelson host had very kindly told us about the monstoruous hill that we would have to climb on our way to Rai Valley, and she said that when we see the spray-painted white star, we would know that we were at the top...of the first hill at least!  After a long, but absolutely stunning climb up that hill, we were happy that it wasn't as bad as it seemed, and we cruised down the other side of the hill, then did the next one, also not as bad as the first. 
Made it to Picton!
We got to Rai Valley and stayed with Sheree's Auntie, so we got to have some nice family time.  We chatted with Mom (Sheree's mom that is!) and looked at photos, and enjoyed a wonderful meal together.  It's great to have some family time!

On the Ferry
The next morning we headed out to Picton to catch the ferry.  We had to be there at 6, we got there a bit early and got our last fish 'n chips of the South Island, then got on the ferry.  We owe a huge thank you to the INTERISLANDER FERRY!   They gave us a free crossing to help us out.  We were so greatful to them.  The ferry was so nice, but with us not being in any vehicles besides our bikes for the last month, we seem to get a bit of motionsickness in cars and ferries.  But we managed to keep everything down, and were happy to land in Wellington.

We went to stay with Klara, who is the sister of a girl that we met in Bruce Bay, and a friend of Marik, the one who helped us wash cars in Hokitika!  So it was great to meet up with her, had a nice chat and see how much she looked and sounded like her sister!  We were quite tired from the day, so we went to bed early and passed right out, getting some good sleep for our Wellington adventures...

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