Monday, January 30, 2012

Meet the Team!

In two weeks, a cycling trip from the South to the North of New Zealand will be kicking off, in efforts to raise money for the famine in the Horn of Africa through World Vision.  There will be a number of people participating in part of this trip, but 2 of us will be riding the entire way.  Let us introduce ourselves...

Hi, I'm Andrea!  I'm from Canada, and I'm doing a two-year trip around the world.  I left home in October 2010, and have been traveling through Spain, Morocco, France, Andorra, Turkey, Kenya, India, Malaysia and Australia.  For my New Zealand leg of the journey, I decided to focus my energies on helping out in the world instead of just enjoying my experiences.  I have never done a bike trip like this before, so it will be a big challenge for me!  I hope that through this challenge, the rewards will be great and that we will be able to make a difference.

Hi, I'm Sheree. I 'm a Kiwi who also has a case of the travel bug. I left home when i was 18 and spent 2 years in Australia then continued to Europe where I worked and traveled for 3 years as a Nanny. I plan to go to Africa to do Volunteer work so this bike trip will be a great start :) I'm also a beginner, like Andrea, but I'm sure with endurance, motivation and a lot of fun we will get through this! I've set myself goals throughout the trip to overcome personal fears.

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